Beauty and care




Ux research, Ui design

Managely is a brand that is challenging the landscape of beauty salon management, such as hairdressers, barbers, and beauty centers, and wants to establish itself as a direct competitor to lead this market.

The challenge was to give their mobile application a new form and language and to update the navigation flows to allow the user a simple purchase phase.


Managely’s mobile application was already on the market, but it had structural problems with the flows and the interface, making the experience less intuitive.


We focused our attention on the users and, with them, we considered possible improvements that would lead to greater engagement in the use of the app.
By mapping the current user flow, we have fixed and improved it.

Information-architecture-Barber-app-scaled Barber app
Wireframes-Barber-app-2 Barber app

New UI


One of the flows that lengthened the booking times was precisely in the creation of an appointment. Starting from this point, the team decided to streamline the steps and allow the user to book directly in a single page.