We design your ideas from our Rome studio.

Designing by innovating.

In our design studio, we aim to create innovative projects that help companies stand out in the market.

The studio

Overlay is a Rome design studio focused on Industrial and Brand design. The team is made up of Designers, engineers, and brand designers who blend their skills with the aim of creating cutting-edge projects ready for the market.
We have a remote work-based culture that allows us to add value to our team through external collaborators integrated according to the project to be developed.

charlesdeluvio-Lks7vei-eAg-unsplash-scaled Studio

Fluid and
vertical design team.

We structure the team on a case-by-case basis according to the project’s characteristics and needs. Each collaborator we involve is an expert in a specific design field, bringing targeted skills to fully develop the project.

Prova Studio

Our method​

01.-Ricerca Studio

01 - Research

Through an initial research phase, we analyze the idea and its potential together with project partners. Through interviews and workshops, we identify and delve into the needs of potential users with a focus on user-centered design.

02.-Strategia Studio

02 - Strategy

Our design studio rely on trend analysis tools, moodboards, and personas to develop, based on the set objectives, the best project strategy to create a market-ready product.

03.-Design-1 Studio

03 - Design

Our team of designers channels diverse skills into a unified project path, aiming to enhance the brand values and develop innovative concepts for functional and efficient design solutions.

04.-Sviluppo Studio

04 - Development

Whether it's a brand, an industrial, or digital product, our concepts are developed with the aim of creating reproducible products. We follow the project process until production, ensuring the necessary support for the launch of a complete and impactful product in the market.


Davide-1 Studio
Davide_Mobile Studio

Davide Pau


Roman designer with a passion for art, the digital world, music, and amatriciana. Sketches to the rhythm of R&B and in his free time, he improvises as a campfire guitarist. After three years of cold Danish winters, he returns to Rome with the intention of replenishing the vitamin D supply and creating Overlay.



Sara Studio
Sara_mobile Studio

Sara Peroni


She is the classic person who chooses a book by its cover and does grocery shopping by selecting products with the most well-designed packaging. Taking a stroll through stores always translates into a brand analysis. When she has some free time, she spends it drawing or daydreaming about project ideas to be realized in the parallel world where she has infinite time to dedicate.



Tavola-disegno-1-copia-3 Studio
Tavola-disegno-1-2 Studio
Tavola-disegno-1-copia-1 Studio

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