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Ps-torch is an intelligent device, developed for the Polini Solution startup, which allows the sanitization of all surfaces, eliminating 99.9% of the viruses and bacteria present.
The internal technology developed by the
start-up allows the use of UV-C rays and makes them usable by any user thanks to an ad-hoc security system.

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Using Ps-torch is simple and stress-free.
The torch does not require electricity, is easily portable and very light.
Thanks to the screen, the user will receive live information regarding the effectiveness of sanitation.

Restaurant-quadrata Ps-torch
Screen-3 Ps-torch


The proximity and movement sensors allow you to lock or unlock the use of the Ps-torch. The torch can only be used if placed in a flat position and with an inclination of no more than 45 degrees.

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Polini-social.87 Ps-torch
Polini-social.85 Ps-torch


Receive your reports directly on your phone thanks to the bluetooth connection. Thanks to the USB-C port, it will also be possible to quickly recharge the torch or download reports directly to the laptop.

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