Strategic research, colour, material and finish, design for manufacture

Hubby was created through the synergy of Overlay’s design and engineering skills.
This product intends to become the focal point
of home security, thanks also to a wearable component. Our selection of materials, shapes
and user interactions has been meticulously curated to not only simplify manufacturing expenses but also streamline assembly procedures. In doing so, we aim to provide both manufacturers and consumers with a higher degree of product customization.


User interaction with the HUB is concentrated in the upper area of the device. The main button is located in the center of a circular LED which informs the user of the different statuses of the device. With a simple pressure of the button the status display function is activated while with a double pressure the intrusion mode is started.

Hubby-inside-2 Hubby
Detail2 Hubby


The upper cover of the button hides inserts for magnets that allow the blocking of a nylon fabric between the speaker and the plastic cover. This allows for higher audio quality and customization of the product which can reflect the colors of the house in which it is installed.

Explode Hubby
Detail3 Hubby


Through different signals, the LEDs communicate different information to the user, such as battery status indications. Two other small LEDs also communicate the connection to additional devices while the “Call” and “Reset” buttons allow sending an intrusion alarm or simply resetting the device.