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Strategic research, colour, material and finish, design for manufacture

Womo is an italian brand that offers a complete range of quality products and experiences, with an unmistakable italian imprint, thus giving impetus to a new vision of contemporary man.
Duo was born from the idea of ​​combining two different materials such as plastic and wood to ensure durability and comfort for everyday disposable objects.

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2-image-Duo-1024x846 Duo


Development of an innovative line of travel products, aiming to create an authentic connection with the user, enhance usability, and introduce new usage modes that address common challenges faced by modern travelers.

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When travelling, people are inclined to bring with them the most commonly used perfume. On short-term or business trips, there is a tendency to travel with hand luggage and this entails certain limitations, especially for liquids. 
With the “Duo” perfume, it is possible to bring with you two of your favorite frangrances on the plane without exceeding 100ml and without the risk of breaking the glass container of the classic perfumes.

System Duo

Duo consists of two 50ml modules, refillable thanks to a valve placed in the lowest part of the body which allows refilling directly from the original perfume.

Bathroom-refill Duo
Composizione-legno Duo


The toothbrush is a discover since the purchase thanks to a cylindrical and trasnparent packaging.
It is completely modular, in order to facilitate its use, even while traveling. To avoid useless waste, the brush head can be replace.

Spazzolino-web Duo
Duo-tooth Duo


If the cylinder is designer as a hygienic protection for a possible travel, the base become the support for the toothbrush itself.
A new brush head can be inserted inside the base so that you always have with you, the possibility of renewing your cleaning.

Bathroom_tooth-scaled Duo
Duo Duo